Support Groups

Support Groups

Support Groups for LGBTQ, polyamorous and SM survivors of domestic violence.

What is a support group?

A confidential facilitated group for lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer and/or transgender survivors of partner abuse to share and listen to each other’s experiences, give and get peer support, feedback and information, and help with safety planning. You can receive support over the phone or in person through our support groups.

How do I get into support group?

Call The Network/La Red Hotline and speak with the hotline staff person about setting up an interview for support group. All support group members go through an interview process before beginning group so we can hear a little about your situation, go over group guidelines, and make sure it is a good match.

Does is cost anything?

No, it’s free, and in some cases, we can provide a stipend for childcare, parking, and/or transportation if needed for you to attend support groups.

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