Technical Assistance

TNLR’s needs assessment of LGBQ/T communities in Massachusetts was a preliminary step towards improving our Technical Assistance (TA) process. Until further notice, we will not be providing TA in its original format or able to meet requests for TA but we will continue to provide some trainings. Read more about our community needs assessment below!


community needs assessment


TNLR has provided technical assistance (TA) to social workers, hospitals, homeless shelters, police, domestic violence programs, sexual assault programs, colleges, and many others to make their agency more accessible to LGBQ/T (lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer and/or transgender) individuals. TA was free for Massachusetts-based agencies. Out-of-state agencies would need to discuss cost with our Director of Outreach, Education, and Organizing. Our Technical Assistance program includes:

  • Help with program policies and procedures
  • Consultation on steps to make your program more LGBQ/T-inclusive
  • Trainings for your organization (Our trainings are not free)
  • Downloadable brochures, fact sheets and other materials
  • Open Minds Open Doors, our free manual for domestic violence programs on LGBQ/T inclusivity
  • Power With, Power For, our free manual for creating survivor-centered service



Training & Education