The Network/La Red’s second event of our campaign, WE ARE: Survival and Resistancelaunched the visuals for Survival and Resistance: Power with Survivors, Power for CommunitiesThe visuals, designed by the talented Rommy Sobrado-Torrico and shown below, consist of a t-shirt and two posters; one informational poster about the relationship between partner abuse and oppression, and one inspirational poster representing the theme of the campaign. Our goal is to share these visuals, especially our posters, with our communities and local organizations to spread awareness about partner abuse within the LGBQ/T, polyamorous, and SM communities and it’s relationship to oppression. We want folks to be able to recognize that both are about maintaining power and control so that we can learn to survive and resist in new ways. To request posters, please contact our Community Organizer at mobilize [at] tnlr [dot] org.

WE ARE: Survival and Resistance was held on October 26 in honor of Domestic Violence Awareness Month and sponsored by HGBC and Jane Doe Inc. The evening was filled with delicious Brazilian food from Oasis, good vibes, and a moving speech by Boricua activist, Jasmine Gomez, and supportive community. Click here to see more photos from the event and like our facebook page to stay updated on future events. Download our visuals below!