The Network/La Red is a survivor-led domestic violence organization that aims to end partner abuse within the LGBQ/T, polyamorous, and SM communities. We believe that oppression is directly linked to abuse because they are both about control and as experts in the cycle and tactics of abuse, we also recognize how the new administration perpetuates abuse on a macro level. We face a dishearteningly long list of challenges under this new administration. The xenophobic, islamophobic, sexist, Anti-Semitic, and racist rhetoric puts all of us, especially survivors, at risk. It grants abusers the permission to oppress. It gives them the tools and the freedom to abuse without repercussion. It invalidates anti-discrimination laws, which has long-term and lethal effects, as we’re seeing with the recent increase in hate crimes. Survivors have less resources and we are not just talking about the LGBQ/T community. We are talking about immigrants, folks of color, the disabled, women, poor and homeless people – all marginalized communities are that more much more isolated. The likelihood of people refusing to seek support out of fear will increase. Policy changes and lack of funding leaves community organizations like TNLR without the foundation to rebuild. It is left to the oppressed to provide services, support, and validation for themselves and their communities. There is no culture of power sharing and we’re left to do the same work of proving our value over and over again.

However, oppression, injustice, and bigotry existed before this. We noticed that as an organization, we were often reacting very quickly to the horrible things occurring all over the world and we wanted to change that by strengthening our organizing strategies. We wanted to take an active role in creating the communities we want to see for ourselves and for the survivors we work with so that during challenging times, we’d already have a foundation in place to overcome any obstacles. For the first time ever, The Network/La Red decided to launch a year-long campaign that is rooted in the belief that abuse is directly connected to oppression and that centers the lives, voices, and stories of survivors. But this work can’t be done in isolation. Survival and Resistance: Power with Survivors, Power for Communities is a community campaign. It is about collaboration so we invite you to join us in taking an active role against abuse and oppression. Survive and resist with us as we work towards liberation.


We will be organizing several events throughout the year to uplift survivor stories. Below are our past and upcoming events. To learn more about participating in Survival and Resistance: Power with Survivors, Power for Communities, email mobilize [at] tnlr [dot] org. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! Interact with our campaign by using the hashtags #TNLResist and #TNLResiste and like our page to stay updated on all things related to the campaign!

Download our campaign visuals, designed by Rommy Sobrado-Torrico:
T-Shirt Image
Inspirational Campaign Poster
Informational Campaign Poster

Past Events:
Wild Tongues: Stories for Ourselves
WE ARE: Survival and Resistance

Future Events:
Video Launch (April) – more info coming soon!