As part of our campaign, Surviving with Wild Tongues is a short film that centers the lives and experiences of queer, transgender, black, indigenous, working class and/or people of color who are survivors of partner abuse (domestic violence).


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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Thursday, April 5, 2018 
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The Network/La Red Weaves Survivor Stories, Music, Art and Dance in Powerful New Short FilmSurviving With Wild Tongues 
Survivors talk about their experience of partner abuse in today’s online-only video launch 

[Thursday, April 5, 2018 -- Boston, MA]— Massachusetts non-profit The Network/La Red announced today the release of their short film Surviving With Wild Tongues. The short film will center the lives and experiences of partner abuse (domestic violence) survivors who are queer, transgender, black, indigenous, working class and/or people of color. (Read more)


Jennifer Recinos was born in Providence, RI from Guatemalan immigrant parents. She became passionate about this project because of her own identity and experiences in the world and in the communities she is a part of as an out queer woman of color. Jenn sees creative projects like these as an opportunity to provide a space to create narratives that are often left out by mainstream media. She thinks it's important to shine a light on the experiences of those who have experienced oppression in all its forms to validate others who have been similarly affected with the hopes of sparking change. She received her BA in Film and Interactive Media Studies from Brandeis University in 2014 and is currently working in Admissions at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design. In 2013 Jenn was awarded the Eli J. Segal Fellowship and through it was able to do queer advocacy work at The Gay Straight Alliance Network in San Francisco, CA. During her time at GSA Network she helped organize the National Gathering of GSA’s in Denver, CO and presented on the topic of Queer and Undocumented Visibility in High Schools and the School to Prison Pipeline, alongside the Queer Undocumented Immigrant Project (QUIP).


Fabiola Torralba is a queer immigrant who was born in Guerrero, Mexico and raised in the historical West side of San Antonio, Texas. Trained as a grassroots organizer and cultural worker, they engage art making as a transformative practice for building community, civic engagement, and social-cultural awareness. Fabiola is guided by a deep conviction in experienced based knowledge and the power of people coming together to inspire social change. They facilitate opportunities for movers of all backgrounds to examine issues that affect their everyday lives with special emphasis on marginalized communities. She enjoys interdisciplinary collaborations that explore the intersection between performance and action.


Survival and Resistance: Power with Survivors, Power for Communities is a series of actions and events that center the stories, work, creativity, and lived experiences of survivors of partner abuse and oppressive systems. For many survivors, our identities and experiences shape how we exist and live in our communities. This campaign shares our stories to show how the tactics of partner abuse and the tactics of oppression are the same. We cannot end partner abuse until we end oppression, and to be able to support survivors we must see each other as whole people and work in partnership to eradicate all forms of violence.


Our campaign visuals were designed by the talented, Rommy Salgado-Torrico. Download this campaign poster by clicking the link below.

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Learn more about the relationship between partner abuse and oppression by downloading our informational campaign poster and read more about our past campaign events below!

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