Artists & Friends

Violencia Exclamation Point is a boston-based drag performer who has been gracing stages and entertaining crowds for almost ten years. Violencia likes unique and daring performances, singing live and showcasing complete and polished looks.

Transpositions is a student-led A Cappella group at Cambridge Rindge and Latin School comprised of trans/non binary students. New this year, the goal is to create a safe space in the gendered world of singing.

JP is a local drag artist known for their camp, comedy and political commentary. They go by JP because their ‘drag persona’ is no different than their everyday self. Born and raised in El Salvador, Central America, JP has lived in MA for the last 6 years and has performed all over New England. After you meet them, you’ll be covered in sparkles and glitter for around 48 hours, almost guaranteed!

Wandy Pascoal is an Angolan student pursuing a master's degree in Architecture. In addition to discovering the effects and use of the physical space, she also practices the art of photography. Her work explores concepts of time, self-reflexivity, dreamscape, as well as space.


ASL: Jolanta Galloway & Jennifer Gibbons
Spanish: Loreto P. Ansaldo & Sarah Levy from the Boston Interpreters Collective


Patty Moy
China Pearl Restaurant
Tim Kukler 
Jennifer Recinos
Genevieve Diaz y Rodriguez