Your contribution to our “45 To Thrive” campaign will help our organization, survivors, and our communities do just that –


You make the difference in the lives of survivors. Thanks to you, support for survivors is just one phone call away. Thanks to you, survivors can access culturally-competent services in an increasing number of places. Thanks to you, our jobs, homes, schools, and community spaces will become safer, more accountable, and active in confronting the issue of partner abuse.  

You helped us raise $49,106! We are so grateful for your support. 

  • $1,000 provides one week of emergency shelter for a survivor - When a survivor has up to two years of rental assistance through our Housing Pathways program, they can focus on their immigration status, or gender transition, or job training, or securing custody of their children, or whatever issues they face, and move towards thriving.
  • $500 provides tabling expenses at 4 events
  • $360 supplies internet service for 3 months
  • $250 covers hotline expenses (voice and TTY) for 1 month - When a survivor reaches out to talk about their relationship, they’re taking a step towards thriving – and we’re here 24 hours a day to answer their call. 
  • $240 pays for web hosting and e-mail for one full year
  • $100 provides 1 week of food for a safe home guest
  • $60 provides simultaneous translation for a support group session - When a support group member finds their experience in another member’s story, they move towards thriving.
  • $50 buys one week of groceries for a safe home guest
  • $25 provides a survivor with a bus pass for a week
  • $10 Provides 300 hotline palm cards


Thank you for joining us in creating a future where survivors – and our communities – thrive.