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Last week I did several things to needed on the (HIDDEN for now: ) CF7 volunteer form response.

1. Researched Gravity Forms in detail. It’s great, but CF7 is simply better in that it’s more flexible which is what I need to meet your discussed business requirements (auto response, redirect, custom form layout and more) –   It’s NOT just about price as it’s a low amount (free vs $40/year.)

2. I completed the /en work on the CF7 form for Volunteers. Changes made:

  • “Success” now sends an auto-reply email with link to resources, which you asked for AND
  • “Success” now redirects to a custom page where we have the link to resources.
  • You can customize the message (content) for both of these.  I’ll go over for you visually during our next meeting.


The CF7 form-volunteer works very well now, yet it is not yet public. (as I didn’t finish copying all of the form fields I ran out of time.)

Tim’s next steps: I plan to carefully finish the CF7 en/volunteer form and make it public in place of the WPform one; once satisfied we’ll then do similar on the /en/board form and make it public, then repeat all of these chagnes & improvements on the sp/volunteer and the sp/board forms.


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