How it works:  This site uses MULTISITE feature where there are 3 “sites” within WordPress:

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  1. Switcher
  2. English
  3. Spanish[/lgc_column]

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We use automatic browser detection from Switcher (  which gets the user to tnlr/en    and the user can select spanish from there or vice versa.
Also, any missing or old link will cause a custom-404 page and guide the user to the new current site.  This solves any old/ outdated deep links going to the old site.

As “Admin”, you can access English and Spanish sites from MYSITES network menu which when you login you’ll see on the above-left.

  • Please don’t edit any thing at all on site named “mysite Switcher.”
  • Please go ahead and edit posts and pages and menus on both (English and Spanish) sites, but…
  • don’t install or change “activation” on plugins nor change any sitewide colors or “settings” etc…  if you can please leave  “the cogs and gears” alone.  🙂  
  • This site WAS HACKED therefore as admin, use a strong password and ONLY use it for THIS site don’t use it anywhere for access to any other site.
  • What I’ve been doing is repeating each change to each site (in Spanish as I did  in English.   )  When adding new posts or pages it’s a good practice.

You have ADMIN RIGHTS. The login access page for admins is here. At first you may need to Reset your password as needed.

I welcome your questions and continuous dialog to help get this www site back on it’s feet again.    The www site provides vital info quickly to survivors, as well as pages and info to our community in support.

Thanks for letting me help!

Incidently :: THIS PAGE :: is hosted on “switcher” site, is hidden by obscurity (we don’t link to it from anywhere and it’s not searchable.)

Sincerely TimK, FreeTim,  email me as timk

at engineer dot com.



July 1st – For forms I’ve added “contact7” forms as recommended by several admin pro industry friends of mine. PRO: Free, but CON: it doesn’t have good templates thus it’s more work to use. I started building an alternate “volunteer” form. Maybe I will create a few templates for ease of use of this plugin. -TimK

July 3rd – added a way to have all user submitted forms not only e-mail, but also

    have their answers go into a trackable database.

This helps us re-contact potential volunteers who have applied but we’ve lost their e-mails.

“Flamingo” from left hand admin bar. Works great. To save MB any resume’s or other file attachments DO NOT come into the database, just their form answers (did it this way by design.) — it does NOT work for WPforms, only for Contact7 forms. TimK

July 7th. Weird header showed on mobile devices. change was “customize site – visibility – header – site name & tagline = hide all devices.” – FIXED, on both en and sp. –TimK

July 8th. 1. Patched wpextreme theme and some plugins (regular maint items.) 2. Removed header from ::this:: admin page (only.) 3. enabled posts with “admin” tag to show at the bottom of ::this:: admin page (only.)

Things we are both working on next: (See email) list. For the #1 priority i hope to have all four forms converted to contact7 before our next meeting. If those work we’ll remove WPforms plugin as clean up step. I’ll also add a couple blank functioning templates for future use.